2/3/4/6/8 Inch Leather Cowhide Bone Molar Teeth Clean Stick Dog Chews Toys Puppy Natural Non-Toxic Food Treats Durable Pet Toy



The innermost layer of buffalo leather is utilised in the production of this item. Not only can it be used to grind the dog's teeth and satisfy the natural habits of dog chewing, but it can also strengthen the teeth gums and cheekbones of pets, clean the mouth, eliminate tartar present anywhere, and reduce disease transmission. It can provide some nutrients to the pets, such as protein, fat, vitamins, etc., but it can also be used to grind the dog's teeth. In addition, as the dog matures, it develops a taste for biting things, particularly right before and after its teeth change. When the owner is not paying attention, the dog will destroy the furniture if it is not given the opportunity to vent itself properly. To keep the dog from biting/hurting things around the house, the dog chew can also be used as a toy for the dog.

Raw cowhide is used as the material.


2 inches: 5*1.2*0.8cm 10pcs

3 inches = 8cm * 1.7cm * 1cm for 4 pieces

4 inches = 10*2*1 centimetres, 2 pieces

8 inches = 20 * 3 * 1.3 cm 1 piece

Color: Natural colour

Packing: 1 Bag of Chew Bones


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