30ml Dog Potty Training Aid Spray Potty Trainer Pet Corrector Guide Pet To Pee At Fixed Spot Urinate Trainer For Dog Cat Puppy



1- Pet Potty Training Spray teaches canines of all ages and sizes where they should relieve themselves.

2- An alluring pheromone aroma that can only be detected by the sensitive canine senses urges canines to relieve themselves wherever the product has been sprayed.

3-  Be careful to lavish praise on your dog whenever he eliminates in the appropriate location. An excellent method for housebreaking a young puppy or dogs of any age.

4- The introduction of an attractant pheromone fragrance can shorten the amount of time needed to housebreak your dog.

5- Continue to spray a small quantity in the direction that you want him to go, let him sniff the area, and give him praise when he does what you want.

6- Ideal for use on pee pads, fake grass, or any other surface that you would like your pet to relieve themselves on, both indoors and outside!

7-  A Concentrated solution that lasts for a long time.
Keep the allocated area the same while you are training for the best possible results.

8- The amount of time that is necessary to teach a dog effectively will change depending on the dog.

Pet Potty Training Spray, Net:30ml, is the name of this product.

Included in the package is one (1) Pet Potty Training Spray.

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