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Pet accessories: Pets can sit, lie, or stand comfortably in automobiles. Pets adore it. Due to its design, the dog seat belt is comfortable and easy to maneuver.
Dog automobile safety belt: Pet can sit, lay, or stand comfortably. Dog safety belts fit all cars and large canines.

Dog harness: This seat belt fits many saddles and is straightforward to install.

Pet safety belt: Fits most automobile types and may be used as a walking harness for dogs and cats.

Adjustable Kitty Dog Car Seatbelt pet seat Harnesses Safety Lever Traction Collars Dog Gear


Basic:  Youse brand. Stainless. Solid. Seatbelts. Fast release. Every season.

Origin. Cn: Zhejiang.

Why buy?

A Sandwich maker with three magical sections can be sandwiched on the dog collar or pulled over the seat. Mercedes bright 453 supports android and ios phones and tablets. It's also a pet phone stand. Hairdressing tool disinfectant: wash by hand or machine. This hairdressing tool cleans automobile seats and turns them into hair accessories. Adjustable: the traction belt fits your size and is easy to put on and be taken off. The buckle can also be lengthened. Practical: this vehicle seat belt holds your dog's head and helps with daily living. Fantastic price: If you are unhappy with our product, please get in touch with us, and we will refund or replace it.


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