Automatic Dog Paws Cleaner Pet Foot Washer Cup Portable Paw Cleaner For Small and Medium-sized Dogs With Soft Silicone Bristles



This Automatic Dog Paws Cleaner Pet Foot Washer Cup Portable Paw Cleaner For Small to Medium Dogs With Soft Silicone Bristles

"Effective and Safe Cleaning"

Automatic paw cleaning cup with high-speed rotation mode; press the switch to clean your pet's paws in a full 360°. Silicone bristles can massage your pet without causing it to harm during washing. In addition, the charging connector incorporates a silicone waterproof turn to prevent water from entering the control when cleaning your pet's paws.

"Removable Silicone Liner for Simple Cleaning"

Our dog paw cleaner is lined with a soft, detachable silicone brush that is simple to remove. The silicone brush can be removed and instantly cleaned, making it very easy to clean.

Rechargeable & Portable Dog paw cleaning has a 1500mAh lithium battery that is rechargeable through a USB wire (included). It only takes four hours to charge and may be used for twelve days. Our rechargeable and portable paw cleaner cups are lightweight, family- and travel-friendly, and always keep your pet's paws clean.

Automatic canine foot cleaner

The pet paw cleaner features an intuitive design; with a single touch, pets may enjoy a wholly automated foot massage. It streamlines the cleaning process and allows you to clean your pet's feet swiftly, so you don't have to worry about him getting dirty after going outside.

Perfect Size

The dimensions of this dog paw cleaning cup are 16.5*10cm/6.5*3.94 inches (l * w), and the inner diameter is 3.15 inches. It is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for family and travel use, and it is suitable for most small and medium-sized dogs and cats (Note: Paws of your pet should be no more than 1.9 inches). A dog paw cleaner cup can meet all of your needs.

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