Benepaw High-end Cowhide Leather Leash Dog Handmade Durable Pet Leash For Large Dogs Brass-plated Hot Sale Pet Supplies Shop



Type: Leashes are the specification for this item.

Season: Each and every season

Pattern: Solid

Origin: The Chinese mainland

Leather is the material.

Quick Disconnect is a Feature.

Types of Dog Leashes: Primitive Leashes

Benepaw is the brand name.

SUPER SIZE- Make your dogs FREE again! Your canines/dogs will have more room to go around when they are restrained by the leather leash. In addition, the width will make it more challenging to break the leash when you are pulling your dogs back, which will, in turn, protect your hands from the strain.

AMAZINGLY SOFT- I will give you the most comfortable leash! The fact that the training leash is made of supple leather, which has superior extending performance, makes it exceptionally difficult to become untied. In addition, the sensation of these robust braided leashes on the hands is superior to that of other similar leashes.

SMOOTH HOOK- Best hook material ever! Because it is made out of copper, which is the most naturally smooth metal there is, the hook on this leash is very easy to open and close. In addition to this, the copper hook is extremely long-lasting because copper is stainless metal.

TRUSTWORTHY THICKNESS- On par with the thickness of Brandon's Wall! This leather leash has an incredible degree of dependability because of its thickness. With its thickness and width, this leather leash will be unbreakable when you are using it. Also, it is super comfortable to wear.

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