Cats Brush Corner Cat/Dog Massage Self Groomer Comb Rubs The Face with A Tickling Product Dropshipping New Pet Rubbing Toys



Product: Self-groomer massage comb.

Product details: This Cats Massage Comb is made of eco-friendly, softer plastic, so it is very safe and will not hurt your cat's skin in any way. In addition to assisting in the removal of loose and falling hairs while brushing, this is a toy that your cat is sure to enjoy playing with.

Material: ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) The thermoplastic polymer is typically employed in applications involving injection moulding.


Specifications of the Goods

1. 360° fancy rubbing itching, a variety of uses of ingenious design to rub it.

2. Made of soft material, the brush needle provides a pleasant massage and has just the right amount of resistance without being too harsh on the cat's skin.

3. Eliminate the rubbing point to prevent cats from rubbing against one another, which causes the scattering of floating hair and, as a result, an effective reduction in the falling of flowing hair everywhere.

4. The bionic cat's fingernail, which is made of durian thorn, allows the cat to easily experience the comfort of being tickled anywhere.

5. There are two methods for fitting: the right-angle pasting method and the side whole-arc pasting method.

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