Dog Paw Cleaner Cup Soft Silicone Combs Portable Outdoor Pet towel Foot Washer Paw Clean Brush Quickly Wash Foot Cleaning Bucket



The pet dog brush is constructed from environmentally friendly materials.
appropriate for decoration: pet dog, cat, and puppy.
Crafted with superb craftsmanship, it is the ideal present for dog-loving relatives and friends.
Ergonomically built: The ergonomically designed hand grip gives you optimal control while grooming your dog or cat.
The pet paw cleaner is composed of a high-quality silicone substance that is resistant to corrosion, resilient and sturdy, not abrasive, and has a long service life.
excellent replacement: A suitable substitute for your dog's paw cleanser.

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Silicone Combs with a Dog Paw Cleaner Cup Foot Cleaning Bucket Portable Outdoor Pet Towel Foot Washer Paw Clean Brush Quickly Wash Foot
PRODUCT PROPERTY:  Basic: The trade name is paw strip. Type is dogs. Origin is Chinese (origin).

Combs: These combs are made of soft silicone and can be used to clean your dog's mouth and paws. Highly recommended seller: this is an AliExpress best-seller, and it is advised that we package our product in high-quality materials. When you receive the goods, please do not hesitate to contact us; we will provide the best service possible! The pet paw cleaner is constructed from a soft silicone material that is comfortable to wear and simple to clean. The dog paw washing cup is simple to install and uninstall without the need for equipment. Simply place it on the ground or on the wall.

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