Dog Thunder Vest XS-XL Pet Dog Anxiety Jacket Vest Reflective Vest For Small Medium Large Dog Clothes Shirt Dog Supplies Product



Origin: CN (Origin) Type: For Dogs Season: Throughout the entire year

Material: Polyester is the material

Style: Dog Anxiety vest jacket Fabricated from polyester and viscose Dog Anxiety vest jacket. It has shades of navy blue, rose red, grey, and green are present.

Dog Anxiety vest These vest-like outfits are designed to calm stressed dogs. The vests are based on the premise that applying pressure to a dog's torso has a calming effect, akin to swaddling a wailing child or hugging a distressed individual.

Caution: During the first few times you wear the Thunder Shirt, we recommend taking it off every one to two hours to ensure that everything fits appropriately. Even though irritation or other problems are uncommon, you should always stick to caution. As well as, if you plan on using the Thunder Shirt for an extended amount of time, you need always take it off at least twice a day.

Size XS, S, M, L, XL Dog Anxiety vest jacket

Season: All-season Dog Anxiety vest jacket

Dog Anxiety Thunder Vest Coat: Pet cat, dog bed, kennel house sofa mat pad is washable and may be washed both by machine and by hand. Solid and reflective is the pattern.

This goes for cats and dogs of all sizes, including miniature, medium, and large. Labrador Retriever, Pomeranian, and Yorkshire Terrier are the family dog breeds.

Appropriate to the circumstances: fireworks, a raging fire, and thunder.


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