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1- Pet Shampoo: A dog's grooming product and a product for bathing pets, pet shampoo is used to clean dry skin and hair on both dogs and other animals.

2- Safe: Our gentle lavender dog shampoo is mild on the skin and the hair of the dog, and it rinses off completely without leaving behind any residue.

3- Get Rid of the Smell Clean dirt and smells from your pets, clean your dog's hair thoroughly, and condition it so that it is soft.

4- Shiny and Silky: A wide variety of plant extracts maintain the hydration of your dog's skin while maintaining the shine, silkiness, and softness of your dog's coat.

5- Appropriate for All Dogs: The PH level of this pet deodorant has been carefully calibrated to be appropriate for dogs. It is also an excellent choice for animals with skin that is especially sensitive.

Net content: about 237ml

Cats and dogs can use it without any problems.

Packing List:

1-Shampoo for Animals

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