Portable Pet Water Dispenser Feeder Dog Water Bottle Cat Drinking Bowl for Large Small Dog Cat Travel Puppy Walking Pet Product




It satisfies both pets' needs for food and water thanks to its segmented design, which divides the product into a water cup on top and a food container on the bottom.

It is simple to use; the water can be expelled by merely pushing gently and does not require any additional pressure.

Food-grade ABS: the heat-resistant ABS satisfies the requirements set forth by the FDA; it is safe and non-toxic; it is capable of holding hot water; additionally, it may be utilized as a bottle for a pet.

The leak-proof design features a silicone sealing ring that prevents liquid from seeping into your bag during normal use.

Portability and Convenience: In addition to having a decent capacity, this carrier has a lanyard attached to the top, making it easy to carry. It is an excellent choice for people who walk or travel with their cats or dogs.

Material: PC+ABS

Color: Pink, Green, Grey, Blue

Season: Each and every season

Size: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Dogs and Cats Are the Intended Viewers Here.

Pet Size: Small, Medium

Included in the Package:

1 x Pet Drinking Water Feeding Bottle

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