The Calming Plush Bed

$84.99 $113.99


Introducing The Calming Plush Bed because your fur babies deserve the very best. Our furry pet beds are designed with high quality fur and extra padding inside to ensure your dogs feel like they're sleeping on a cloud. The extended sides allow your pets to feel safe, sense of security, warmth and calm, allowing them to calm down faster.

Lux N Sleep Plush Pet Bed | As Seen on Instagram! • Showcase US


🐾 Our Calming Pet Beds provide better sleep for your pets, making your pets and owners much happier.

🐾 High quality and longer lasting so you won't need to be spending money replacing your pet bed every so often.

🐾 If your fur baby suffers from anxiety this Pet Bed will ensure they feel super safe even when their owner isn't home

🐾 Machine washable which means your pets can sleep knowing their bed is hygienic.  



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