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Product details: These collars are designed to fit smaller pets, such as cats, dogs, and other animals of a similar size.

The length can be adjusted, and there is a tiny bell attached to it.

Sales target: Pet Shop

Width: 1 centimetre in width, while the length can be adjusted between 19 and 32 centimetres for the pets.

Color: The colour is exactly what is shown in the accompanying picture, and the type of pet collar is shown there as well.

Brand Name: The available head collars are branded under the name KIYUE by their manufacturer.

Collar Type: Pet collar for cats, dogs etc

Material: This item is made out of polyester

Origin: The Chinese mainland is the place of origin.

Pattern: The collars have a Solid pattern

Type: Dogs, Cats, etc.

Use: Accessories for pets

Dog Harness Type: It is a Basic Halter Harnesses

Feature 1: First and foremost, these collars have an adjustable buckle.

Type: Pets (dogs, cats, other animals of a similar size etc.)

Sales targets: Pet Shop

Sale Type: Wholesale

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