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Product Details: Wholesale 20PCS Round Dog ID Tags Personalized Engraving Pet ID Tag Cat Aluminum Customized Name Address NO Telephone Number ID Tags for Dogs, Round, Wholesale Lot Custom Cat Aluminum Labels with Your Name, Address, but NOT Your Telephone Number Aluminum pet identification badges etched with the pet's name and owner's address but omitting the phone number.

Material: The material used in the tag is Aluminum You may choose to have either your phone number or your pet's name engraved on the tags; the decision is entirely yours, whether you want both or one of the given options. Additionally, you have the option of engraving both of them. You may also choose to submit your work without inputting any tags. It provides reliability, and you can be relaxed without the fear of losing it if your pet loves going out.

MOQ: 20 pcs/lot (You can leave a message with the color and quantity you need.)

Size: Sizes come in 35X32X1MM & 25X23X1MM.


The pendants are available in numerous hues and colors, including green, rose, red, blue, yellow, purple, silver, black, and pink, as well as any combination of these hues. Moreover, pendants can be purchased in any variety of these hues. Additionally, pendants with a black finish can be ordered. Moreover, if the customer so wants, black finishes can be produced for the pendants with customization.


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